Our Charity Cause

Our brand is all about supporting paws by giving away 30% of our profits every month to the charities across the globe, supporting pet shelters and organisations focused on fighting pet abuse and abandonment.

We started an Instagram page, we saw great correspondence and support from our audience, notably love messages, likes and shares everywhere.

Our brand and our products are for all those who want to express themselves and help the others realise the value of pets in our life. Our diversity fuels creativity and you are welcome to join our family.

We are trying to provide you the best customer service. The best customer service is if the customer doesn't need to contact you, it just works, so we focus on navigation and value for our customers.


Instead of directly donating to a charity, you can just purchase any product for your pet from our multiple collections and a portion of our Profit from every order you make will be donated to the Pet rescue NPO's & Pet shelters that take care of abandoned stray pets, treat them with proper medications and help them find them forever homes around the globe!

 We Appreciate your support! :)